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The Auburn Dam promotes smart water management for California, preventing floods, providing energy, and increased water storage.


Please browse our resource archive filled with studies on flood management and water conservation and California's water situation.


We have a compiled a list of frequently asked questions and provided answers as to why building the Auburn Dam makes sense.

“Californians may potentially endure more winter floods and summer droughts over the next century”

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory & National Weather Service

Build it - Dam it

The above refrain has been the theme of the Auburn Dam Council since the mid 1980’s when the Bureau of Reclamation aborted their 1965 federal authorization for completion of the Auburn-Folsom South unit of the Central Valley Project.

The theme of the Auburn Dam Council was supported by a two-thirds vote in the city and county of Sacramento in favor of Measure “T” in 1991.

The Bureau of Reclamation (the bureau) as well as any state agency has not shown any interest to date in rekindling the construction of an Auburn Dam and it’s facility. The current studies of both the federal and state under the title of “Cal-Fed” does not lists activity for fostering flood control protection for the city and county of Sacramento. Cal-Fed especially has no plans to protect the state capitol and it’s associated buildings, water and power supplies, recreation, enhancement of fish and wildlife and water quality.

With the total abandonment by the federal and state agencies of the Auburn Dam and facilities, the long existing Auburn Dam Council is preparing to act in the formation of an Auburn Dam Authority (the authority).

What will an Auburn Dan accomplish when completed?

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