Project Features

Dam Features

Auburn Dam Location: North Fork of the American River, adjacent to the city of Auburn

Dam Design: Curved Concrete gravity (similar to Shasta Dam)

Structural Height: 700 feet

Auburn Reservoir (Placer and El Dorado Counties)

Gross Capacity: 2.3 million acre feet

Normal Water Surface Elevation: 1100 feet

Norm Surface Area: 10,000 acres

Length of Shoreline: 140 miles

Auburn Power Plant Capacity: 400 to 600 mega watts


The main purpose of the project is to provide a new and supplemental water supply to areas in Placer, El Dorado, Sacramento, Yolo, and San Joaquin counties and other entities for irrigation and municipal and industrial needs. It will also alleviate depleted ground-water conditions occurring in county areas.

The project will also provide clean, hydroelectric power, flood control to Sacramento and Yolo counties, fish protection and enhancement and new recreational facilities. Recreation plans include camp sites, picnic sites, boat launching ramps and swimming areas.

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