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$50 Rebate to Electric Customers of National Grid in New York!

Please download "Express" sign-up at SandyHollowHydroElectricRebate.pdf for full details of program, or simply send an e-mail to rebateNY@kchydro.com - preferably with a copy of your National Grid Electric bill attached.

Rebate to Eversource-NH Customers still Available!

KC Hydro has been providing its customers with annual payments for the last 5 years. To become a customer of green, renewable distributed electricity generated in Piermont, New Hampshire, simply send an e-mail to rebateNH@kchydro.com - preferably with a copy of your Eversource-NH bill attached.

Mission Statement

KC Hydro promotes the development, retention, and enhancement of small hydroelectric generation as a renewable energy source where the net benefit to the environment is positive. We achieve maximum benefit by collaborating with local stakeholders in the implementation of multipurpose projects that include recreation, water supply, fish enhancement and conservation.

Founding Partner Kelly Sackheim is directly involved in the addition of new projects and new companies to the KC Hydro family of companies. Current companies include two sole proprietorships, Sackheim Consulting and Sackheim Hydro, KC LLC of California, 3 LLCs registered in New Hampshire, and KC Scoby LLC registered in Delaware.

Kelly Sackheim continues to provide services to KC Brighton LLC of Maryland, following acquisition of the entire company by original minority shareholder Dick Ely. Presently, Davis Hydro LLC and its principal, Dick Ely, are associates of the KC Hydro family of companies.

Following reorganization of this website, regrettably there continue to be some dead links and out-of-date material. Highlights of changes to this website will be provided from time to time on this page including changes or additions to the various projects in which we are involved. Links to new projects will be added on the left side-bar as more details become available.

We'd appreciate your sending your thoughts and feedback to webmaster@kchydro.com