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The Kilarc Project

The Kilarc Brochure prepared for distribution in mid-2009 provides a brief overview of the application of the KC Hydro approach to our first project that has warranted public attention.

Dick Ely developed an extensive website regarding the project at www.kilarc.info. When the Save Kilarc Committee was convinced that teaming with stakeholders on South Cow Creek to establish a clearly local presence would best prevent loss of Kilarc, website content developed for www.savekilarc.org by KC LLC, a collaboration of Davis Hydro LLC and Sackheim Consulting, was moved and now resides here to supplement content provided at www.kilarc.info

In 2009, the KC Brighton LLC, a Maryland limited liability company was formed and acquired The Brighton Dam Project. Rehabilitation of this project continues as of today. Kelly Sackheim continues to provide services to the project following acquisition of the entire company by original minority shareholder Dick Ely. Presently, Davis Hydro LLC and its principal, Dick Ely, are associates of the KC Hydro family of companies.