Kelly W. Sackheim,
Founder & Principal of Sackheim Consulting

Ms. Sackheim is a micro-economist with over 20 years experience in the development of natural resource-dependent agricultural and industrial projects. Ms. Sackheim’s consultant career began with a focus on fisheries and aquaculture production economics in francophone Africa and Latin America and evolved to evaluation of sources for industrial inputs, such as development of new aggregate (rock) mines, and energy production, primarily focusing on small hydroelectric projects.

Her strength lies in working with project applicants to find creative solutions to resolve environmental concerns in a manner that will achieve project financial feasibility without resulting in conditions unacceptable to the neighboring community. In the last fifteen years, Ms. Sackheim has authored numerous socioeconomic and related sections of environmental impact assessment documents for a number of complex, highly contentious projects, and managed preparation of complete environmental and economic feasibility studies for project proponents and government agencies for smaller projects.

In early 2007, Ms. Sackheim and Richard Ely of Davis were requested by local residents of Whitmore, California to investigate the possibility of avoiding the dismantling of the Kilarc-Cow Creek Hydroelectric Project as PG&E proposed upon the surrender of their license. The two professionals established the KC LLC as a vehicle to eventually obtain a license to operate such hydroelectric facilities.

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