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After serving clients for over 10 years as an employee of consulting firms, the last of which was dedicated to serving the electric utility industry, where Kelly Sackheim worked primarily in the hydroelectric division, Kelly Sackheim established Sackheim Consulting as a sole proprietorship in 1999.

Richard Ely became involved in hydropower over thirty years ago, first as a turbine manufacturer and then as an owner-operator of several facilities, seeking a positive solution to electric energy demands. Richard Ely continues much of his work under the auspices of Davis Hydro LLC

Kelly Sackheim joined forces with Richard Ely in early 2007 to achieve the KC Hydro mission. She brings nearly 10 years as an environmental permitting and regulatory compliance consultant, primarily to successful large hydropower projects. The original environmentally responsible development mission has been expanded to include fish resource management technologies such as fish passage across dams, predation reduction, fish herding, fish friendly turbines and recently an interest in fish genetics, a necessary area of understanding for fish population restoration.

The Kilarc Brochure prepared for distribution in mid-2009 provides a brief overview of the application of the KC Hydro approach to our first project that has warranted public attention.

The KC LLC, a California-registered limited liability company, was formed in mid-2007 to hold Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) preliminary permits for priority of development of new sites. Based on an application filed in December 2007, KC LLC was granted a preliminary permit in July 2008 to develop the Conway Ranch hydropower project on an irrigation diversion from Virginia Creek to a property in the Mono Lake watershed belonging to Mono County and leased presently for sheep grazing.

Also commencing in December 2007, KC LLC has filed a series of applications for development of hydropower at the Pine Creek Mine Sites in Inyo County, California. The original P-13090 application for development of a previously-licensed site downstream of the mine is still pending before the FERC. FERC has been cautious, we believe, about making its determination with regard to competing applications for development at this site because of frivolous litigation by the mine owner against KC LLC that has just recently been withdrawn. We are awaiting FERC approval to proceed with this development.

In 2009, the KC Brighton LLC, a Maryland limited liability company was formed and acquired The Brighton Dam Project. Rehabilitation of this project continues as of today.

Also in 2009, the KC Hydro LLC limited liability company established in Oregon has begun work to develop fish passage and hydropower on the Deschutes River at the North Canal Diversion Dam in Bend and Cline Falls in Redmond. We are currently (spring 2010) thinking of applying fish friendly turbines and related technology to these sites to increase river connectivity.